The Story: Jenna, an aspiring photojournalist, is desperately trying to solve the msyterious disappearance of her parents ten years ago when she encounters Sami, a jinn who has accidentally stumbled his way into Jenna’s world.

The catch: Jenna’s the only human who can see him in his unseen form.

The two of them make a deal: Sami will do his best to help Jenna try and find out what happened to her parents if she helps him find out how he ended up in this world and how to get him back home.

Jenna’s parents, professors of Jinn Lore and Mythology at the University of Aydin disappeared when Jenna was two years old. Now 12-year old Jenna, a photojournalist for her school paper, spends most of her free time trying to crack the case of their mysterious disappearance.

While she is a fun-loving and adventurous kid, her obsession with the case has caused her to isolate herself from kids her own age.

Nasirah has been Jenna’s primary caretaker and guardian for the past ten years. While she grieved the loss of her son and daughter-in-law, she has since found solace in looking after her granddaughter. Nasirah’s spiritual nature makes her a firm believer in destiny and that things happen for a reason. In her old age, she enjoys gardening and making sure Jenna stays out of as much trouble as possible.

Jenna and Nasirah’s cat Lulu was a fat and happy cat until Sami showed up. Unfortunately for this textbook scaredy cat who is easily spooked, she too can see Sami.

Leena is your residential badass; a niqabi biker, she doesn’t take shit from anyone and for that, Jenna has always looked up to her. As a law student at the University of Aydin, Leena is set on seeing her dreams of “helping make the world a better place” become a reality. And while it’s not always easy and the world sometimes sucks, she’s persistent on being the best she can be, while battling Fuad for the top spot in class that is.

Fuad is Jenna’s uncle and although he doesn’t live with her and Nasirah, he makes sure to always be there when they need him. Also a law student, Fuad has been competing with Leena since elementary school, fighting to see who gets to be valedictorian. So far it’s been: Leena in 5th grade, Fuad in 8th grade, Leena and Fuad tied senior year of high school down to the 5th decimal, and Leena during undergrad. So Fuad really needs this win.

The apartment building is where Jenna and Nasirah call home. The two of them live on the 3rd floor. They along with the other tenants of the building resemble a close-knit extended family with the residents looking out for Jenna and helping out Nasirah when they can.

Sami’s a chill jinn, a bit of a prankster but not here to cause any trouble. After mysteriously getting knocked out while exploring some ruins, Sami wakes up to find that he’s no longer in his universe. He wanders the city of Aydin looking for answers to his predicament until he comes across Jenna who can somehow see him, even when he wants to remain unseen.

Saba is the founder and CEO of “Sari Not Sorry” a streetwear brand that specializes in South Asian contemporary fashion. Having to claw her way into the fashion industry, fighting tooth and nail has caused Saba to put up a cold, hard exterior, but she does have a soft spot for two people and two people only: Jenna and her best friend, Tasnim.

Tasnim is the co-owner of a local bakery and is truly the softest and sweetest person in existence. Whenever she’s trying out new recipes, Jenna’s her go-to taste tester. Tasnim’s been packing Saba’s lunches for years and always makes sure to add a treat in hopes that it makes her day better.

Recently widowed, Nader Khalil is the owner of the apartment building and lives on the 1st floor with his triplet sons: Daniel, Michael, and Joseph; high school juniors who are on their school’s soccer team. Nader loves them, he really does, but he’s counting down the days until they go off to college.

Daniel, Michael, and Joseph are the older brothers Jenna never had. While they love to tease her whenever they can, they’re also fiercely protective of her.

The Masjid: The Islamic Center of Greater Aydin is the city’s finest landmark. With its tall minarets, stunning blue domes, and stained glass windows, the masjid is the spiritual epicenter of the city of Aydin.

Grandma Nasirah always tries to make sure her and Jenna catch the evening prayers at the Masjid right after the sun goes down.

Masjid Props

Jenna’s Bedroom

Behind the tapestry is where Jenna hides her casework from Grandma Nasirah

2017 Concept: The moon falls in love with the sun

2019 Redesign

While exploring the outskirts of her family’s kingdom against her parents’ wishes, a young girl unleashes a horrific beast that begins to wreak havoc on the surrounding villages. In order to undo the damage she has done she becomes “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” 🐑🐺🗡️

A “hijabi” is a Muslim women that wears the headscarf. “Hijabee” is a play on the word because I like puns. Anyways, my girls here are just five roommates sharing a beehive as they try to get by in this terrible economy.🐝🌸

Character Designs of some royal siblings

Little Red Riding Hood set in Arabia