2017 Concept: The moon falls in love with the sun

2019 Redesign

“The Butcher” is a short film directed by Jared Lascurain and created by students and Alumni of the school of Arts & Technology at The University of Texas at Dallas. I worked as a storyboard and 2D artist on the film.

Backplates for Lighting

Illustrations for Picture Frame props



While exploring the outskirts of her family’s kingdom against her parents’ wishes, a young girl unleashes a horrific beast that begins to wreak havoc on the surrounding villages. In order to undo the damage she has done she becomes “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” 🐑🐺🗡️

A “hijabi” is a Muslim women that wears the headscarf. “Hijabee” is a play on the word because I like puns. Anyways, my girls here are just five roommates sharing a beehive as they try to get by in this terrible economy.🐝🌸

Character Designs of some royal siblings

Little Red Riding Hood set in Arabia